The Chocolate cake

The Chocolate cake

The chocolate cake

George's birthday was on August 8th. He invited his new friends to his birthday party on August 8th at 10 in the morning. Peter and Pam were worried as to what present to give their new friend. Suddenly Pam got an idea and screamed! Peter got scared and he also screamed Ahhhhhhhh! Peter asked Pam "Why did you scream?" Pam said "I got an idea for the present. We can bake a nice Chocolate Cake!!" They were amazed because they got a nice idea to impress George.

On August 7th, the day before George's birthday, Pam went to Peter's house to prepare. They wrote down what   they needed and went to a shop to buy them. They came back home and readied the gloves, the pan, and the oven. They mixed all the
ingredients, stirred the mix, and spread it in the pan. They put it inside the oven for baking.

On August 8th morning, they had finished their work; they had decorated the cake nicely with cream and other things. They hurried to the party. When they reached his house they found George was unhappy because he had not found a good cake anywhere. Peter and Pam slowly went into the kitchen and gave the cake to George's mother. George did not know about the cake.

All the children played some games. It was time for cutting the cake. George's mother closed his eyes and asked Peter and Pam to get the cake and keep it on the table. George's mother opened his eyes and he was surprised to see his favourite chocolate cake well decorated! George asked everyone if they had brought the cake; but Peter and Pam screamed "We baked the cake especially for you!" George was happy and hugged them both. They had a great birthday bash.  But George did not forget to tell one thing to his new friends "THANKS!"

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