Task force slams Mandya CMC

Task force slams Mandya CMC

It recommends transfer of Commissioner for inaction on illegal structures

Task force slams Mandya CMC

In a report, Chairman of the Taskforce has criticised the CMC for having failed to enumerate exact number of unauthorised structures and revenue sites in city.

The report says the number given by the civic body was no way near to the actual unauthorised building and sites in the city. The task force has also recommended to the government transfer of the CMC Commissioner.

The issue came up for discussion at the council meeting here on Wednesday.  The Task Force had contended that being serving in the CMC for last four years, the commissioner has not shown interest in identifying unauthorised properties.

The Task force had carried out a review of the CMC affairs in July this year.

The Taskforce has also observed that there were irregularities and violation of rules in distribution of licence to buildings and tendering pole advertisements. The chairman has taken a dig at the bad management of solid waste management in city.

Shoddy footpath work

In yet another embarrassment to the CMC, the inter-locking tiles that had been used on footpath in front of the CMC have come up.  Because of this, the entire stretch looks uneven. Citizens are facing to walk on this footpath.