Varthur changes loyalty, back in BJP fold again

Varthur changes loyalty, back in BJP fold again

The first-time MLA has completed one full circle in party politics

Varthur changes loyalty, back in BJP fold again

Varthur PrakashHe walked out from a resort in Bidadi to another resort in Hesarghatta ditching the JD (S) camp and to join hands with the BJP to save Yeddyurappa’s gaddi. With this the BJP can expect 106 votes in favour to the CM.

Varthur Prakash shocked  the JD(S) camp by making his sudden appearance in the BJP camp. He shifted his loyalty from the JD(S) to the BJP. With that the first-time MLA completed one full circle in politics.

Prakash began his politics with the Congress, entered the Assembly as an independent, declared support to the BJP, hobnobbed with the JD(S) for a short duration and moved to the BJP camp.

‘People’s interest’

He announced that he decided to support the BJP in the floor test because he wanted development works in his constituency - Kolar.

“My constituency needs proper drinking water supply. I will support the BJP in the best interest of our people”, he said. He ducked questions on shifting his loyalty so often.
Speaking on behalf of Prakash, Tourism Minister Janardhana Reddy said that he had not been lured by any assurances or offers, but had shifted his loyalty only to save the State Government.

Later in the evening BJP leaders took him to Golden Palm Resorts, where all BJP MLAs are camped.

Prakash had accompanied H D Kumaraswamy, who visited the Raj Bhavan soon after political crisis unfolded following 13 BJP and five independent MLAs rebelled against the CM and left for Chennai.

Prakash had made several statements before media accusing the BJP and Chief Minister Yeddyurappa of misuse of official machinery. On October 5, he stated Yeddyurappa had to take rest permanently.