From materialism to spiritualism

If you observe you will realise that the more a person grows spiritually the more he seems to get detached from this world. He seems to want less and less and the world looses its importance for him. This phenomenon is difficult for the ordinary mortals to understand.
Once I happened to hear a person sharing his experience which explained this phenomenon. He said that once his mentor and he were travelling together and they took a flight from Chennai. Minutes after the aircraft took off they could see the entire city of Chennai from the aircraft and then his mentor asked him; “Which is the most prominent building in the city?” So he thought about it and realised that in those days the LIC building on Mount Road was the tallest and the most prominent building so replied to that effect.

Then his mentor told him “look down and try and spot the building” so tried but he could not spot it even after several attempts because from that height the structures on the ground were so small and insignificant that it was impossible to tell one from the other. Then his mentor told him “Is it not strange that what one held to be so significant and prominent all his life becomes so insignificant and small when one sees the same things from above from a distance.” He told him further, “this is so just because the body has been raised and now imagine what it would feel like when the Soul has been elevated.”

I think this clearly explains the attitude of the great prophets and world teachers whom due to their great spiritual excellence considered the entire world as something of little worth.  Prophet Mohammed was besides being the Prophet of God was also the king of entire Arabia but he did not live the life of a king but a life of indifference to the pleasures of this world. His abstinence was such that many days would pass without a fire being kindled in the hearth of his house. And he did not sleep on any soft bed but his bed was a coir mat which was so coarse that it left marks on his body. And when he passed away the only possessions he left behind were a few coins, a part of which went to satisfy a debt and the rest was given to a needy person who came to his house for charity.

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