Maipadi palace beckons

Maipadi palace beckons

Maipadi palace beckons

 Nostalgia: The Maipadi palacePeople still praise the golden age of Rajas (kings), who ruled the land. People in the region still show respect with utmost gratitude and sincerity to the seat of power and follow the traditions of yesteryears.

Maipadi kingdom, which is also known as Kumble Seeme, has the jurisdiction between Manjeshwar in the North and Chandragiri river on the South. Similarly, regions between Adhur on the foothills of Western Ghats and Mogral in the West were convered under the rule of Maipadi kingdom. One who ruled the Kumble Seeme is popularly known as ‘Ramantharasugalu,’ a hereditary title given to kings when they ascend the throne. 

Speaking to City Herald, T N Gopinath, son of eleventh Ramantharasugalu M Venkatesh Varma Raja, said that the Maipadi palace, which has a history of about 200 years, was renovated in 1951 during his father’s tenure. There are five more palaces other than the old one, which is also known as ‘Badagu Aramane’. ‘Padu Sutra,’ ‘Badagu Nalku Sutra,’ ‘Tenku Nalku Sutra,’ ‘Hosa Malige’ and ‘Thekke Malige’ are the other palaces of Maipadi kingdom, he added.

He said that as per tradition, the Ramantharasugal of Maipadi palace is the hereditary trustee of Madhur Sri Madanatheshwara Temple, Adoor Sri Panchalingeshwara Temple, Kumble Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple and Mujangavu Sri Parthasarathy Temple. Meanwhile, all other temples, daivastanas, stanas, brahmastanas and ancient Hindu places of worship need to obtain the nod from the Maipadi king to celebrate their annual festival or for renovation.

“Venkatesh Varma Raja, who became the eleventh Ramantharasugal in 1930s, is the only king in Kerala to rule the kingdom for a long period of 58 years. The Raja, who was crowned at the age of 16, died at the age of 74 on 10 June 1994,” Gopinath said.

He built the first school building for the Maipady School and before that the school was functioning from the Padippura at the entrace to the palace complex. Several social reformations were brought during Venkatesh Varma Raja’s rule in the region, Gopinath said adding, “he is the first ruler to organise ‘Mishra Bhojana,’ where people belong to all sections of the society including Dalits and minorities sat together with the royal family to have lunch.”

The Raja, who was involved in the freedom movements, had invited national leader Rajagopalachari to join for the mishra bhojana. Rajagopalachari had stayed in the out-house of the palace. Madras Governor Aurther Hope and Lady Aurther Hope too had visited the palace during the tenure of the Raja, he explained.

The Raja, who was the founder President of Navajeevana High School, Peradala, had donated land to many poor villagers. Dr M R Raja, a family member of the clan, succeeded Venkatesh Varma Raja after latter’s death and later Dana Marthanda Varma Raja become the thirteenth Ramantharasugalu.

Every year, the royal family offers poojas to the presiding deity of the palace Sri Rajarajeshwari during Navaratri. Bhojana prasada (meal) is served to hundreds of devotees on all the nine days during the festival.

How to reach

Travellers will have to reach Kumbla, which is about 35 kilometers from Mangalore, either in bus or train. Later, can catch a bus to reach Seethangoli via Naikapu. From Seethangoli take a diversion towards left and travel four kilometers to reach Maipadi.

Frequent buses are available to Maipadi from Kasaragod town, which is 50 kilometers away from Mangalore.

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