Learning the tricks of the trade

Learning the tricks of the trade

Management fest

Learning the tricks of the trade

 Creative: Flavus, a team-building event, in progress. DH photo by Janardhan B K The theme of the sixth edition of Nishka was Prism — A Reflection Of Corporate Attributes. This event provided an opportunity to young minds to expand their horizon of knowledge. As the prime feature of a prism is to disperse white light into various colours of the spectrum, Nishka too, provided a platform to the students to showcase their talents and skills and have an edge in the corporate world.

The faculty coordinators for the event were Praveen Kumar, Leena Raymond, Rebecca Theodore and Sagorah Khan, while the student coordinators were Anjali Soni and Anwita Shampa from final year BBM. The participants for the fest were asked to come as early as 7.30 am post which, an ice-breaker session happened. Nishka 2010 was inaugurated by the chief guest P C Mohan, Member of Parliament. The guest of honour was Rev Christy Rajkumar of Kristhu Jeeva Jyothi Aalayam.

The various competitions that were held during the fest were — Rutilus (Best Manager), Presinus (Finance), Caeruleus (Human Resource), Croceus (Marketing), Incarnatus (Business Plan) and Flavus (Team Building). All these events took place simultaneously in various classrooms. Since each competition had many rounds, there was one round held on stage for each of them.

One of the new events that was held this year was Flavus (Team Building). In this event, two students were asked to form a team.

Later, they were made to join hands with the marketing team. They were asked to come on stage later and exhibit their talents. Depending on how well coordinated they were, they were given the prizes.

Said Anjali, one of the student coordinators, “The entire experience of this fest was really good and I learnt what it’s like to handle and work on a particular event. I learnt a lot about event management.”

The management departments of six colleges took part in the fest — Al Ameen College, SSMRV College, CMR College to name a few. The over all winners of the competition were the students of PES College.