Religious leaders oppose repeal of Sec 377

"It (homosexuality) is not at all acceptable and agreeable. It is against the tenets of bible. Man and Woman were created in God's own image. Homosexuality is against the society," Rt Rev Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa, Head of Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar diocesan here said.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is also opposed to any dilution in the Section 377 of IPC.
"It is against the culture and family system in India. It will result in spread of number of diseases. But we will see what changes, if at all, are introduced in the section," said Vinod Bansal, spokesperson of Delhi unit of the Parishad.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a prominent body of Muslim community too has hit out at the government's proposed move, saying the repeal of the section would create "sexual anarchy" in the society.

According to sources, Government was likely to repeal the controversial section and a meeting in this regard will be called soon to evolve a consensus on the issue.

"The section should stay as its repealing would result in sexual anarchy in the society.
Those opposing the section are influenced by Western culture. Those who argue for independence do not realise that independence should have its limits," Abdul Hameed Noamani, spokesperson of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, said.

But the gay community said that such a move, if it is ultimately taken, will be the best thing to happen to them.

"This is the best thing that can happen at this moment," Lok Prakash, managing trustee of National MSM and Human Rights Task Force, said.

Gay rights activists are excited about the news but they are waiting for a response of the Delhi High Court where a case on the issue is still going on.

"This Section was implemented during British rule. That there is a possibility now of it being changed is a great news. It should have been done earlier," said a gay mediaperson who did not wish to reveal his identity.

"Atrocities of police against the gay community will stop if this Section is repealed. HIV/AIDS problem in this community can also be tackled as people will be more open in discussing their sexuality. If taken, it will be a fantastic decision," said Arvind Narain, a lawyer and gay rights activist based in Bangalore.

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