Courses in audio-visual equipment training

Courses in audio-visual equipment training

The iPhone training programme at BATS is designed in conjunction with industry professionals. The courses at BATS include theory and practical exercises that provide an in-depth understanding of essential topics, like Objective-C, X-code, Interface Builder to memory management, performance monitoring and best practices.

AV courses

*Introduction to the AV Industry

This course introduces students to the global AV industry and gets them to understand the specific structure of the Indian AV market. The fundamentals are covered in a practical and engaging manner with real life examples. The course does cover some AV maths, but the student is not expected to have mastered it at this level. Even those who hail from a non-technical background can benefit from the course.

* AV Project Management:

This course covers the basics of AV project management, and the systems and processes required to run a successful project. It includes planning, documen-tation, detailing, budgeting, shop drawings, manpower planning, process development and communication skills. It has a practical component on project scheduling and project monitoring, and risk management. It focuses on best practices in AV Project Management. It covers all forms of AV display technologies, including emerging technologies. The student gets to understand the fundamentals of display technology, display selection and design, and will be able to advise clients on various options. The course is hands-on and requires basic AV maths skills.  

*Basic Technician Skills:

This course covers the basic skills required by an AV technician. Equipment identification and handling, basic safety, cable identification, cable pulling, cable termination, equipment mounting and cable and termination testing are covered.

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