Girls' college in Kanpur plans to 'play Cupid' for students

The Kanpur-based Dayanand Girls’ Degree College will not only help the parents find a suitable match for their daughters but will also give financial assistance to them. “It is often seen that the parents, especially those who are financially weak, find it difficult to get a good match for their daughters for various reasons, and so the college has decided to lend a helping hand to the parents,” said college principal, Dr Meeta Jamal.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr Jamal said parents had limited resources. By helping them in getting their daughters married, “we will be rendering a ‘yeoman’s service’ to  society.” She added that the college would take the help of voluntary and charity organisations to give financial assistance to the parents, especially those from poor families.

“We have received encouraging responses from the parents and voluntary organisations.  Many organisations have promised to help us in our endeavour,” Dr Jamal said.
The college not only plans to help in “arranged marriages” but also intends to help in “arranging love marriages.” She said: “Often the girls face opposition from their families in case they want to go for love marriages.”

Many a time the girls either “elope” or commit suicide, she said. “Also their relations with their parents may never become normal even several years after their marriage,” she added. “The reports of clashes between the families of the boy and the girl are quite common,” she pointed out. The college is planning to approach the parents of the girl as well as the boy and try to convince them to agree to the wish of their children.

The decision of the college has been welcomed by the students, who say arranging marriages of girls was a big problem for parents, particularly if they are not financially well off.
They, however, have some reservations in case of love marriages. “The secrecy of the affair will be lost if the college takes up the matter with the parents,” quipped a student.

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