For chocoholics

For chocoholics

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For chocoholics

Praline chocolate biscuit


:  Milk chocolate bar —200 gm; Sugar — ¼ cup, Cashew nuts — ¼ cup, Marie biscuits — 10.

Method: Grate chocolate, melt on a double boiler, take out and stir well. Melt sugar in a pan till it turns brown. Add chopped cashew nuts and stir well. Pour it into a greased plate. Cool and crush with a rolling pin. Dip biscuits in melted chocolate, place on butter paper, sprinkle the nut powder. Keep the biscuits in a tray in the freezer till the chocolate coating sets. Take out, wrap individually and transfer to an airtight box.

Jaggery chocolate

Ingredients: Dark chocolate bar — 100 gm; Milk chocolate bar — 100 gm; Jaggery (powdered) —  100 gm.

Method: Boil the two types of chocolate separately. Take out and mix well. Take a deep chocolate mould and pour 1 teaspoon of melted chocolate and 1 teaspoon of jaggery into it. Leave it in the freezer to set. Wrap individual chocolates in bright paper.

Coffee chocolate

Ingredients: Dark chocolate — 100 gm, Milk chocolate bar — 100 gm, Coffee essence — ¼ tsp.
Method: Double boil the dark chocolate and milk chocolate separately. Mix both. Add coffee essence and mix well. Take a deep chocolate mould and pour the melted chocolate into it. Leave this in the freezer to set well. Once it has set, take it out and serve.