Counter-terrorism cooperation with US more broad based: Pillai

Last Updated 28 October 2010, 14:25 IST

He also said that New Delhi was looking for a successful visit of President Barack Obama beginning November 6.

"Intelligence sharing has definitely improved in recent months with the signing of counter-terrorism security initiative. The cooperation between India and US is now far more broad based," he told reporters here.

Pillai had yesterday said that Indian agencies were "disappointed" over not being provided specific information by the US on Headley either pre-26/11 or after 26/11, else he could have been nabbed here when he visited in March 2009 -- four months after the Mumbai attacks which he plotted as Lashkar-e-Taiba operative.

Today, he said there was no specific terror threat during the visit of the American President but militants may try to create disturbance during his India tour to get publicity. "There is no specific threat. We are looking for a successful visit of President Obama," he said.

The home secretary said there have been a few incidents of firing along the International Border as well as the Line of Control (with Pakistan) but security forces handled it properly.

"We have seen a couple of cross border firing incidents by Pakistani Rangers and Pakistani Army. But we are totally unprovoked. We are able to handle that and I think we should be able to handle," he said.

According to Pillai, India was now having greater cooperation in sharing intelligence with other nations but giving more stress on strengthening own intelligence gathering mechanism.

"We had it during the Commonwealth Games in which agencies of various countries including the Interpol were proved to be useful. But our analysis is that the national interests should be served by our intelligence agencies.

"There is cooperation which is useful because I think we are not able to cover everything. Therefore, the more the number of ears and eyes you have is always better. Because in case you miss something, somebody else may pick up. And that is why we have this international cooperation," he said.

(Published 28 October 2010, 14:25 IST)

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