70 canines certified as pure breed

70 canines certified as pure breed

Maximum certified dog was Labrador Retriever along with other breeds like Golden Retriever, Great Dane, St Bernard and German Shepherd. The kennel camp is organised annually to facilitate pure breed dog owners to get their pets certified.

To obtain pure breed certification, the dog is scrutinised by a panel of dog breed experts and veterinary doctors. After meeting the certain criteria, an application of certification is sent to the Kennel Club of India in Chennai. After a month, the certificate is dispatched to the owner.  After the completion of certification process at the camp, a micro chip is inserted under the skin of the canine that can be detected by infra-red scanner. The micro chip is inscribed with the canine’s certification number that was used for identification process.

“Pure breed certification enhances the dog’s value. Since breeding is a big business, where the puppies are sold at a price starting from Rs 1,000 to 1,00,000 a certified puppy can fetch the right amount,” said Dr L Ranganath, President, Mysore Kennel Club.

Besides, the certification has many advantages like it helps during breeding and to claim the right of ownership. The certificate also makes the certified dog to participate in any dog show organised throughout the country. A dog show is scheduled to take place on January 9, 2011 in Bangalore.

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