Men don't ask me out: Emma Watson

The 20-year-old actress, who plays Hermione Granger in the wizard franchise, says she wants to be in love even though she is happy being single at the moment, reported Sun online.

"I'm very romantic and of course I want to be in love. I've been in love once in my life, but it was complicated. I like men with quick wit, good conversation and a great sense of humour. I love banter. I want a man to like me for me - I want him to be authentic.

"But men don't really ask me out. And I don't get marriage proposals any more either. It's not happening there! At the moment I'm just happy to be single," said Watson.

The British actress who attends Brown University in Rhode Island, reportedly ended her two-year relationship with financier boyfriend Jay Barrymore when she moved to America.
Watson was then linked to Spanish musician Rafael Cebrian and sparked rumours of a romance by appearing in a video with with singer George Craig from Brit indie band One Night Only.

"George and I were only ever friends. But he's fantastic. We went to Glastonbury," Watson clarified.

The actress, who has just wrapped up filming the last 'Potter' movie, also said she likes actor James Franco and is not comfortable being called a sex symbol.

"In terms of men I fancy, I think the actor James Franco is gorgeous. But I find it odd to be described as a sex symbol myself. I mean - really? But of course it's flattering," she said.

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