No Hindu can ever be a terrorist: RSS leader

He takes exception to reservation for minorities

Addressing a protest rally organised by RSS Dakshina Kannada district Unit, opposing the centre’s anti-Hindu policy, at Nehru Maidan on Wednesday, Bhat said that the central government has been unnecessarily defaming RSS by calling its activities as ‘Hindu terrorism’.

“No Hindu can ever be a terrorist because there is no reason for a Hindu to be a terrorist in his own land. Congress party has coined the term ‘Hindu terrorism’ to lure the minorities and grab their votes,” he said adding that government has spent Rs 31 crore on Ajmal Kasab and has provided him a luxurious life inside the jail, while Sadhwi Prajna Singh who has been put behind the bars has been ill treated.

“The UPA government has been indulging in divide and rule like the Vritisher’s posing a severe threat to the country.

Reservation has been provided to Muslims in each and every sector. The introduction of 10 per cent reservation for Muslim youth in Indian army is unfair. This kind of resevation widen the divide between Hindus and Muslims rather than uniting them,” he said. 

Bhat further said that RSS will never allow to build a mosque in Ayodhya at any cost.
Rajashekharananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Matt said that the protest has not been organised to manifest the strength and unity of Hindus.

Litterateur Erya Lakshminarayan Alva said that it is unfortunate that RSS has been tagged as a terrorist organisation. “RSS never asked for power, but it has always toiled to strengthen the nation,” he said.

Thousands of RSS workers and members of other Hindu organisations took part in the protest.

The partcipants shouted out slogans on various issues including Jammu and Kashmir autonomy, death sentence to Ajmal Kasab, conversion and terror attacks. It was decided to hand over a 23 point letter to the Deputy Commissioner, which would be forwarded to the Prime Minister.

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