China conducts 2000 dope tests for Asian Games

A total of 1,950 tests, including 120 blood tests, have been conducted since August, Xinhua reported. Every single member of the 1,000-strong Chinese delegation for the Games has been tested.

"We hope that China will keep a clean record. We have been working hard to send a clean team to the Asian Games and ensure there is no positive case in our delegation," said Jiang Zhixue, anti-doping chief in China's State General Administration of Sport.

Jiang said the large number of doping tests served as a deterrent measure while anti-doping education is preventive in the fight against drug cheats as the Chinese delegation again adopted the anti-doping education admission system like they did in the National Games last year.

All the athletes were requested to read anti-doping materials and had to sign a letter of commitment, pledging to abide by the anti-doping rules.  "We refined the system that was initiated in last year's National Games," said Jiang. "No athlete is allowed into the team before they finish the required anti-doping education, no matter how great their sport achievements are."

Jiang said the education system will be carried on and extend to provincial and amateur athletes. "Doping tests are a deterrent measure while education can be preventive. Besides, it is not possible for a country to test all the athletes, both professional and amateur. That's where the education comes in," said Jiang.

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