Every drop counts


An excellent water utilisation experiment is in progress in villages in and around Saligrama in KR Nagar taluk. Excess water from tanks that runs away is now being channelised into farmers’ fields by way of canals.

Tanks such as Hunasekatte and Gendekere in villages like Doddakoppalu and Mundur near Saligrama are full during the rainy season. The water that overflows from the tanks runs into nearly 70 to 100 cusecs.

This excess water eventually joins the Chamaraja Left Bank Canal of Saligrama. Thousands of farmers in the border areas of K R Nagar constituency including Bettahalli, Mundur, Dodda Koppalu, Devitandhre, Melur, Senabinakuppe, Tandrekoppal, Katnal, Kodiyal, Kallimuddanahalli, Yelemuddanahalli, Bachahalli, Moodala Beedu, Kenchanahalli, Maluganahalli, Sheegavalu, Kurubahalli, Karpuravalli, Sankanahalli, Narachanahalli,  Hosa Agrahara,  Batiganahalli, Hanumanahalli and Beechanahalli Koppal all depend on the Harangi Left Bank Canal.

Only a few hundred farmers have access to water for irrigation, however. The tail-end farmers of the catchment area have not been able to raise any crops in spite of the presence of the canal.

There were promises from legislator  S R Mahesh that the problem would be solved.
Accordingly,  a head regulator has been installed near the bunds of Gendekere and Hunasekatte tanks in Doddakoppal village near Mundur. Also, a one- and-a-half kilometre canal has been built to allow water to irrigate nearly 7,000 acres of land. The expenditure on the canal has amounted to Rs 70 lakh.

As much as 350 metres of deepcut construction work has been taken up in the building of the canal. This has ensured that excess rain water flows into the canal. Hundreds of acres have been irrigated thanks to this simple project, explains Harangi division’s Assistant Executive Engineer Ningashetty. Farmers in the region are, needless to say, thrilled by this development.

They believe that a similar system, if put in place at other tanks in the K R Nagar region, could help irrigate vast areas of land. Irrigation department officials point out that if the Hunasekatte and Gendekere tanks are de-silted and the encroachments of the tank area are avoided, more water can be stored and made use of by farmers.

In spite of so much water channelised into farmers’ fields, there is still water flowing to the Harangi Left Bank. The farmers in the region have proved that if there is a will, there is indeed a way. And a canal.

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