Foolproof iris scanners to undergo trial at UK airport

Foolproof machines that can recognise an individual's iris as they walk around will be installed at the Manchester Airport at check-in.  The technology has the potential to overhaul security and customs, with airport bosses hoping it could help in the fight against terrorism.

Passengers who agree to take part will have their iris scanned at check-in and it will then be used to identify them as they enter the security search area when it is scanned again, reports the Daily Mail.

Officials hope the scanner could stop criminals from swapping boarding cards between arriving at the airport and getting on a plane - as the technology will scan the person and not the ticket.

Volunteers for the scheme are asked to walk at a normal pace through a demonstration scanner at the end of a five metre-long walkway. As they emerge at the other side, the passengers can then see on screen whether they have been correctly identified.

The firm behind the technology, Human Recognition Systems, say the early results have been 'very positive' in terms of accuracy. The move to track passengers around an airport is the latest use of technology by Manchester Airport bosses to speed up its security procedures.

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