'Tickets only for deserving candidates'

Eshwarappa says that tickets to party workers based on their loyalty to party

He was speaking after examining the construction work of district BJP office building on Monday.

“We have given tickets to the party workers based on their loyalty to the party. District committees will decide on issue of the tickets. We have faced the consequences of giving tickets to unreliable workers in the past. We have to learn from our mistakes now,”he said adding that BJP has been preparing for the elections over the last 6 months and it is doing all possible efforts to win the election.

“As many as 334 constituencies in the State were reserved for backward community members earlier. With the changing situation the number of reservation has been decreased to 223. As the backward community members have lost 111 constituencies this time, the eligible candidates from backward communities will be given tickets in general constituencies too,” he promised.

Answering a query on government’s decision of handing over responsibility of Udupi Sri Krishna temple to Ashtamutt, he said that it is a wise decision from the government.

 “Ashtamutts have been contributing immensely for the development of schools, go-shalas and hostels. So there is no fault in transferring the responsibility to the Ashtamutts,”he opined

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