C&R rules soon for med institutions

At the inauguration of the fourth Jain doctors’ conference here, Ramdas said he himself has drafted C&R rules which will be announced within the next 15 days.

“The department didn’t have any rules in the first place as they were all following the Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines,” Ramdas said, adding that the draft rules had been sent to the Department of Public Instruction for approval. The minister said government hospitals that were autonomous and followed their own rules, would have common byelaws.

Ramdas did not refer to the recruitment scandal that rocked the Mysore and Hassan medical colleges and culminated in the ouster of his predecessor, Ramachandra Gowda from the State Cabinet for his role in the scam. But it was obvious that the drafting of C&R rules was aimed at preventing a similar scam in future.

In the absence of C&R rules for the Department there were no new recruitments for the ‘senior resident’ post in the Bangalore Medical College and the Mysore Medical College for many years. As per the guidelines, the term of senior resident is three years and if the present incumbent of the post wants to continue he/she will have to apply again.

Besides, the Department followed ‘pick and choose’ method recently to recruit 144 senior specialists from the Health and Family Welfare Department overlooking seniority. Once the C&R rules are in force the recruitment process in the department is expected to be streamlined.

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