Two Pakistani sisters suffer bald truth

The sisters - Sughraan and Samani - were afflicted by a mystery ailment that caused rapid hair loss, the Express Tribune reported.

Residents of Dheherki village in Sindh province, the sisters lost all their hair within a week of contracting the infection.

“We began to lose the hair two weeks before our wedding. We were both supposed to be married on the same day,” Samani was quoted as saying.

Their father, Rehmatullah, said that when his daughters' fiancés came to visit his house they both refused to marry the girls and called off the engagement.

He lamented: “I am a poor man and I had already spent most of my money on making arrangements for the weddings.”

The sisters said that they had stopped venturing out of their house. “It has become too awkward and people openly point and laugh at us now,” Sughraan said.

Visiting the local hospital has not helped, and they have been told to go to the city to seek treatment.

Sughraan said that recently a group of children pelted stones outside their house. Also someone took pictures of them and distributed it through their cell phones.

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