Kodavas should be declared as minorities: CNC chief

CNC President N U Nachappa cutting peduncle as part of Codava National Day. DH PHOTO

The identity of Kodavas cannot be protected with the financial package announced by the government. What the government needs to do is consider Kodavas as minorities and provide political security, said Codava National Council (CNC) President N  U Nachappa.

Speaking at the 20th Codava National Day organised by CNC at Gandhi Maidan, he said “Kodava community should be protected. We have elected representatives to provide basic facilities like road and drains. However, there is only CNC which has been fighting for the cause of Kodavas.”

He said “Kodagu should be declared as reserve forest and Kodavas should be given security. We would not relax till the Centre granted Kodava homeland status to the Kodava people in the district by bringing all the 45 erstwhile ‘naadu’ (a group of villages) under one umbrella.”

“Kodavas cannot fight for their rights using muscle power. They can neither fight the elections. Hence Codava National Council is following peaceful method,” he said.

An awareness meeting on Kodava land has been convened in 118 ‘Ain mane’ in Kodagu so far. Such awareness meeting will be continued.

He urged the Kodavas not to sell their land in Kodagu to purchase 20 cents land in Bangalore.

“Kodavas should leave their inferiority complex. We need to keep forth our demands before Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah,” he said and  added that there is a plot to identify Kodagu district as a tribal land. This may lead to Naxal activities in the future. Kodavas should be aware of such plots.

As part of 20th Kodava National Day, 20 peduncles were cut by the CNC President.

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