Another land scam allegation against CM

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa may have made a triumphant comeback of sorts after all the hullabaloo over his blatant nepotism and favouritism, but fresh charges of land scams against him keep surfacing.

On Wednesday, Congress legislator N L Narendra Babu of Mahalakshmipuram released documents claiming that the chief minister denotified a piece of land notified by the BDA in 1979.

At a press conference in Bangalore, Babu alleged that Yeddyurappa denotified 31,792 sqft land at Nandini layout in Yelahanka hobli on January 12 this year.

The land was originally owned by Chinna in 1967. The same was notified for layout development in 1979.

The original owner was awarded a compensation of Rs 55,000. However, the BDA had not taken physical possession of the land.

Possession of land

Following Chinna’s death, his son Yallappa approached the government seeking denotification of the land stating that he was still in physical possession of the land.
The denotification committee, which met on June 17, 2003, resolved not to denotify it.

The BDA task force in 2006 took possession of the property by demolishing the sheds that had come up in the said land.

Babu alleged that the Chief Minister denotified the same land worth Rs 100 cr with respect to an application from Hanumanthappa and others. The denotification order, signed by the Chief Minister, states that the said land could be denotified as a school was functioning there. But, Babu said, there was no school in the place. The sheds that had come up in the area were demolished by the BDA four years ago.

He said he was surprised how certain people who were never connected with the land got it denotified in their name. He said a powerful minister in the Yeddyurappa Cabinet was also involved in the entire affair.

The land was totally developed and roads had come up. Following the denotification order, the road had become a private property. The MLA demanded that the government withdraw its decision failing which he would approach the court and the Lokayukta.

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