'I get bored easily'

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'I get bored easily'

She says she may not be popular in a particular genre of films but is glad that people Aspiring : Padmapriyaremember her for the varied roles she has played, “There are people who call me by the character I have played. That is really heartening,” she says.

Padma recently acted in her first Kannada movie Tamassu where she played the role of a doctor to perfection. “It was a film with great content and an intense storyline. Shivarajkumar is a wonderful actor and I must say I felt so imperfect standing next to him,” she tells Metrolife.

Though she has played umpteen characters, not many awards have come her way. Why? “I don’t sign a movie thinking I will get an award for it. It doesn’t trouble me when I don’t get an award but it bothers me when it goes to the wrong person, especially those who don’t deserve it,” she opines.

 Padma is acting in two Malayalam films at the moment. In Evenmegaroopam, a story that traces the life of a famous poet who had three wives – Padma plays the third wife. “It’s an emotionally surcharged role. The woman I play is strong and forthcoming. She isn’t as gullible as the other two women,” explains Padma.

In Senior, another film, she dons the role of a professor who returns to teach in the same college she passed out from. “It’s a comedy. I can never succumb to a particular genre of films. I get bored too easily and always prefer to hop from one genre to another,” she avers.

Padma strode into films with Malayalam film Kaazhcha. She again won critical acclaim in Tamil films like Veeralipattu and Satham Podathey. In the much hyped Pazhassi Raja, she played a tribal woman, skilled in tribal warfare. 

Veering away from films, Padma says she’s a good collection of music of the 80s and early 90s. “Things are changing in the music industry. Music and lyrics are in sync with today’s time,” she observes.

It’s not just films and music, tribal legislation and organic farming are other few issues that she’s really passionate about.

“Organic products are grown cheap but they’re sold very expensive to the consumers. The farmers aren’t even benefitting from it,” says Padma. Tribal legislation is another issue that she’s fighting for.

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