Superfast adventure

It is first-day of new railway employee Will (Pine) and the last day for soon-to-retire seasoned engineer Frank (Washington) on the tracks. As the two are busy driving out a cargo train, a superfast train full of explosives is let loose on the same track from the opposite. Worst, the runaway train is without any driver. Meanwhile, train station supervisor, Connie (Dawson) and the management try to derail the train before it reaches a ‘dead curve’ near Philadelphia but they fail. Now it is upto Will and Frank to save the day.
Based on a real life story, Unstoppable has a simple storyline. A runaway train, corporate mismanagement and heroic spirits of the men on the job.

The film is intensely captivating. Piranha was not a popular film but it became a trendsetter for later films based on man-eating fishes.

Unstoppable may not be the best movie on railways, yet it will be a memorable one in this genre. The onscreen relationship of Washington and Pine creates enough tension and thrust on the audience to feel at ease with the storyline. Like any feel-good movie, Unstoppable is predictable yet memorable.

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