Chalking intricate art

Sculptures carved out of chalk pieces by V KVitla. (Below) The artist. DH Photos/author

This art teacher has carved chalk into various shapes making them look like Belur and Halebidu pillars.

“Leisurely, playing with a chalk, I was carving some motifs on it. I suddenly realised that I can make creative pieces using those chalks and tried carving the whole chalk. Thus started a passion for chalks and carving with chalks,” says Vitla speaking to City Herald.
The artist adds that he was influenced by the carved pillars and hence started making miniature pillars. It has been more than a decade since he started carving chalks.

The artist has intricately worked on the chalk and carved designs like Mother and Child, Ganapathi, Krishna, mermaid, Buddha, Shiva, Bahubali and many more.

“Carving chalks needs patience and concentration. One wrong move or a little bit of force can break the chalk,” says Vitla and adds that it takes him almost an hour to carve one chalk piece.

The artist says he uses cotton base as support for the chalk and starts his work with a sharp knife and needle.

The artist has sculpted almost 50 chalks and has preserved them by painting varnish.
“Many people come asking for my chalks and even offer money to buy them. But I have never sold my chalks. Most of the works are very dear to me and I am emotionally attached to them,” says Vitla adding that each of his masterpieces are unique and he himself may not be able to recreate them.

Speaking about his special artwork, the artist reveals that he has one chalk on which he has carved many musical instruments and scraped off the unnecessary chalk making the carving stand out. Vitla says that this chalk is one of his most complicate and priced designs.

Apart from carving chalks, the artist carves soap and also embosses aluminium foil. The artist is passionate about clay modelling and paper craft and is an excellent painter.
“I am very passionate about art and I want to pass it on to my students. I have also conducted camps to give special coaching on this art,” reveals Vitla.

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