Time to get your woollens out !


Misty mornings, are often lazy too. And, when you see the fog envelope your house, car and come close to the window as the Sun gets brighter, the impulse is to get all snug and sleep further, and hope someone would serve you tea - on the bed.

It’s that time of the year again, when mornings are about mist and hot tea or coffee. And, as the day progresses, though it gets sunny, the city sees temperature drop drastically again. In all probabilities, this weather isn’t going to be too kind on your respiratory system, and circulatory too.

Doctors would advise you to avoid junk foods though the natural longing would be to reach out to a bowl of chips, or hot pakoras in the evenings. A stern warning from cardiologists would be for those who have a history of heart problems. For, researches have shown people are at greater risk of suffering heart attacks during winter months. Blood circulation slows down as a result of drop in temperature and sedentary lifestyle people take to, during these months. This apart, high fat content and excess consumption of alcohol serves as a double whammy too. That respiratory system suffers is something known to us by common sense. Drinking extremely hot liquids can put throat under pressure to fight two extreme temperatures, which is warm internally and cold externally. This often paves way for throat infections, which can be usually cured with natural medicines by boiling turmeric, tulsi, honey and pepper and consuming it at regular intervals.

Most important aspect would be to cover yourselves good during morning and evening, when the temperature is very low. Gloves may not be a necessity in a city like Mysore, but muffs to cover the ears are definitely must-haves and must-use! A muffler could be of great use. It’s time to take out your woollens, wash them, dry them thoroughly and start using them. Have the rats made a feast of your sweaters and scarves since last winter, after you stored them? Worry not, many sweater shops are running super saver sales. Go, get your share of warmth now! 


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