Radia did the role of a 'peacemaker' too

“I have introduced both of them to each other now”, she tells of Reliance Industries boss Mukesh Ambani and Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata, who were said to be not in best of terms. This was during a telephone conversation with former CII president Tarun Das, excerpts of which were released by “Outlook” magazine.

Changing views

Radia, who has a detailed conversation with Das, says she would like Airtel chief Sunil Mittal change his views on Tata through an interview the former would be giving to Hindustan Times’ Vir Sanghvi. 

She tells Das: “You know I am going to talk to Sunil because I want him to make a statement because he is going to do a Vir interview…and I am.. am going to ask him to correct that point where he said if Ratan had too much money he could give it to the Prime minister’s fund. Sunil said he has regretted saying that statement and I think he is willing to correct that”.

Radia hints that Sanghvi will ask in the interview a question relating to Mittal’s respect for Tata. Revealing why Tata dislikes Mittal, Das tells Radia that in the list that Tata sent names for the US India CEO forum, he left out Mittal. Says Das, “He has left out Sunil. In spite of the fact that he is Number 1, you know, 100 million subscribers and Walmart partner”.
“Nira Radia: Well, then, that's really awful. I’ll tell Ratan, I’ll have a word with him”.  

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