A photo they gave in return for ransom

A photo they gave in return for ransom

Kumuda stated in the complaint she received a call from mobile no. 9739244155 around 7.20 pm on December 14. The caller said he was speaking from Lokayukta. He claimed Krishnamurthy was ‘trapped’ at a hotel in K R Puram while accepting a bribe of Rs one lakh. The caller suggested that she stay alone, send children out and keep jewellery safe as mediapersons may visit her.

The unknown caller made four calls during which he said Krishnamurthy was with them, and that they had a photograph showing him with a woman, which the media wanted.

He also told her that the case can be closed if she or any of her relatives could speak to a minister. He also said Krishnamurthy had agreed to give them Rs 11 lakh, with Rs five lakh immediately and the rest at the earliest. He directed her to bring Rs five lakh immediately, she added in the complaint.

Kumuda contacted her brother Sendhilkumar, who managed to put together Rs one lakh, collected another lakh rupees from her neighbour Pushpa and took out Rs one lakh meant for her son’s admission. As per the caller’s directions, Kumuda and her son came in a car near Corporation offices, while Sendhilkumar  joined them there.

They moved to the Town Hall as the caller had told her a person would be waiting with an envelope containing a few cards and a photograph of her husband with a woman. The caller directed her not to tell the person holding the envelope that she was giving money.

They spotted a man aged between 22 and 25 sitting on the steps of  the Town Hall around 10.45 pm. He spoke to someone when she approached him, the complainant stated.

As per the directions given to her, she kept the cash cover beneath the driver’s seat, collected the envelope from the man and handed over the car keys to him. When Sendhilkumar phoned the caller, he said he would send Krishnamurthy to the house in the car around 1 am. They waited till 2.30 am, but Krishnamurthy did not return. The anonymous caller’s mobile phone was switched off, she added in the complaint.

The Cubbon Park police registered an FIR around 1.30 pm and formed teams and set out on investigation.