Cancer killed lioness at BBP

Malignancy that had spread to lungs and liver was not diagnosed till death

However, the malignancy was not diagnosed prior to her death, as the symptoms were not manifest.

Sources in the BBP said the 22-year-old lioness, rescued from a circus company in Gulbarga, was found dead in the field at the rescue centre on Saturday afternoon.

According to the post-mortem report, the malignancy had reached the critical stage, spreading to lungs and liver. Samples of blood and pancreas have been sent to Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biological for histopathology test and the report is expected in 15-20 days.

There are over 40 animals, including lions and tigers, at the rescue centre and 30 of them have outlived their biological age. 

Dr Chittiappa, Wildlife Veterinary at BBP, said: “The animals which were ill-treated by circus keepers for years, have been sheltered in the rescue centre. They are from different parts of the country, living in their old-age homes here. Most of them have health problems due to their age and torture they had suffered at the circuses.”

In order to keep them undisturbed by the human activity -the rescued animals are not displayed in public. As they have undergone mental and physical harassment by their masters, they are kept in special areas where the entry of public is prohibited, he said.

Major revamp

The biological park underwent a major revamp after young tigers (four-year old siblings Divya, Minchu and a three-month-old cub) at the safari in September and October, died of salmonella bacterial infection.

The Zoo Authority of Karnataka had taken steps to maintain hygiene in the holding houses of the animals to prevent further spread of infection. Of the 18 tigers with infection, 15 survived.    

Leopards to be relocated

The Bannerghatta Biological Park is all set to receive eight leopards from the Jayachamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysore. The leopards are being shifted to make space in Mysore zoo for cheetahs and Asiatic lions which will be procured from Sakar Bagh in Junagadh, Gujarat, in January.


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