Britons 'worry the equivalent of an hour a day'

The study, based on a survey of over 3,000 people, has found that an average Briton worries an astonishing 2.3 years over the average adult lifetime of 60.5 years.
Money and health were the biggest concerns but remembering to lock the house was seventh among a "top 50" list; upsetting someone came in tenth and getting wrinkles was number 17, the survey found.

Drinking too much, being late for work, crashing the car, not being able to have children and women's weight all featured. Some of the more obscure worries include having a big bottom, managing to keep the house clean and going grey.

Even the latest cold snap has left one in three adults worried about the household boiler breaking down but the fear of skidding the car on ice ranked higher at number 31. Money worries consume many Britons, the survey found.

Being unable to pay a bill was the fifth biggest concern, while the size of the "rainy day fund" was seventh; people also worry about spending too much, house prices, going overdrawn before pay day and being able to afford to settle down with children, the 'Daily Express' reported.

Anxiety over ageing relatives, concerns over the children's happiness and performance at school are also common. Many worry about being dumped and being cheated on.

Spokesman for npower, which carried out the survey, Richard Cotton was quoted as saying, "We're more worried about getting wrinkles and keeping the house clean than how happy our children are or if we have an overdraft. It's important to keep things in perspective."

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