Sachin is Sachin, the real Bharat Ratna, says 'mom' Lata

Sachin is Sachin, the real Bharat Ratna, says 'mom' Lata

Sachin is Sachin, the real Bharat Ratna, says 'mom' Lata

Congratulating Sachin on his hitting his 50th test century, his avid fan says her blessings are always with the 'little master'.

"Sachin treats me like his mother and I always pray for her like a mother. I can never forget the day when he called me 'aai' (mother) for the first time. I had never imagined that. It was pleasant surprise for me and I feel blessed to have a son like him," Lata told PTI.

"Sachin celebrates his birthday on April 24 which is also my father's (Dinanath Mangeshkar) death anniversary. We never get a chance to meet on that day. On one occasion we had met on April 23th," she says.

She recalls an incident when journalists asked Sachin about his feeling for her to which his reply was "what could one think about his mother".

For the 81-year-old Bharat Ratna winner, Sachin is really an ideal son.
"I always pray for his success and well being. My blessings are always with him."
Lata and Sachin's admiration for each other is not a secret. According to Sachin, Lata songs are a stress buster for him. Lata, on the other hand, always try to catch an innings of Sachin on TV.

Asked if the country's highest civilian honour should be bestowed on the cricketer, she says he definitely deserves the Bharat Ratna.

"For me, he is the real Bharat Ratna for years. Whatever he has done for the country, very few people can do. He deserves this honour. He has made all of us feel proud.
"India has produced many great cricketers but Sachin is Sachin. He is one and only in his generation."

Lata also sees many similarities with Sachin."He is a perfectionist and very possessive about his work. I am also like that. He is very fond of music and I love cricket. He is a real gentleman and god-fearing person. He never forgets to thank god and his father after any achievement which is simply adorable," she says.

Lata hopes that Sachin will continue to play for many more years and help India win the World Cup next year.

"He is playing exceptionally well and can continue till he wants. I wish that he plays for many more years. India should win the World Cup next year as we have a very good team under Mahendra Singh Dhoni's captaincy."

Urging him to continue, Lata dedicated her song "Akash ke uss paar akash aur bhi hai" to the cricketer saying he should not stop here but try to find new horizons