Theme park to pamper pets!

Pet times

‘Every dog has its day,’ is an old adage. But, what with Mysore City Corporation planning to set up a pet theme park in one of the unused and undeveloped parks in the city, looks like every dog would have his day-- almost everyday, soon!

Though the pets today are predominantly dogs, cats and fish, with a small number of people owning exotic birds and tortoises in their homes, pet theme park can be quite a boon. But, is Mysore ready for it yet, is the million dollar question.

This will not only ensure good care and pampering services under one roof for pet owners, but also generate good revenue for the Corporation too. As per the concept, which is at a nascent stage right now, the services offered will be elite and top-of-the-order.

Mars, the company which has identified itself with some big brand names for chocolates worldwide and also for branded dog food too, pet theme park will be first such venture, in India. According to Dr Pankaj Lohan, the services in the offing would include vet care, grooming parlour, doggy park, education and socialisation, small animal section and pet market. This apart, pet owners can network with each other and be part of a bigger social group, in keeping with such groups that are already rage abroad.

To whet the issue and know people’s response to this proposal of MCC, a public interaction was organised recently at Rani Bahadur auditorium. The meeting was attended by some pet owners, members from social sector and few citizens who have been doing their mite for stray dogs and other animals in the city.

The views expressed were mostly about the need for such a park. “Do we need such a facility when we have so much open area in this city? What about strays? When we say we do not have money for the care of stray animals, why should the city invest in such ‘elite’ facility?” asked Madhuri Tatachari, who has been regularly feeding stray animals in her vicinity. She is worried about the MCC men culling dogs without sparing a thought for the poor animals, who end their journey on earth for no fault of their own. Perhaps, the insensitivity in handling the stray dogs, sometimes carriers of rabies, has startled many people in the city. MCC too on its part, handled the issue rather too crudely, by simply going for mass killing of the innocent animals, in order to sanitise the city.

In any case, now that the pet theme park is before Mysoreans as a concept, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality — in case of favourable response and great partnership between Mars and MCC. If it does, Mysoreans hope to find a lot more joy and healthy pets, who in turn will bring them good health too.

Bathe, trim, pamper...

While the MCC has agreed to provide an unused and underdeveloped park in city limits, spread across  few acres, Mars will bring the wherewithal to the table to develop the park. Services offered include

* Bathing, grooming, tick and flea treatment, hair trimming and nail clipping

* Health Checkups, immunisation shots, first aid service, in patient services and boarding kennels (a home for pets when owners are away)

* A pet market where one can shop for pet needs such as leash, belts, toys, foods etc..

* Doggy park will include dog walking areas, jogging, play area, training and swimming

* Education and socialisation will be carried out through pet parents meetings, new pet owner induction, doggy birthday celebrations, fashion shows by canines, pet day, expert lectures and adoption drive.

* There’s a small animal section too. That would include cattery, hamster home and a rabbit park.

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