Brisk business during Xmas

Season of selling

But Christmas is not all about giving, carol singing and Santa.  Bangalore’s big business houses are decking up to strike gold even as families make last-minute shopping for the festival. However, in sharp contrast are the silent operators on the streets.

While the former represents the pomp and gaiety, the latter epitomises more of Christmas spirit. For every store that had red and white for decor and overpoweringly attractive offers drawing crowds like the Messiah himself, there were foot soldiers knocking on car windows, vying to sell, and hoping to make a humble living off the festival of giving.

Unlike the big brand shops whose cash tills are overflowing thanks to the festive season, for Deepu, selling Christmas caps near Commercial Street, the festival, besides being a bonus of sorts in the street vending business is about being part of the event in a subtle way.

Not just a utility

“We get to do more business during Christmas. But what is better is the feeling you have when you sell something that is part of a celebration and not just a utility. The buyer will remember  every time by the  cap,” he explains.

Yesuraj, another vendor, recollects Christmas last year. “I have a few loyal customers who make it a point to come to the corner of St Mark’s road every year; they bring me food and buy my caps and bells for their children.”

For the biggies, festivals are about offers, parties and new collections  with sale discounts anywhere between 25 per cent and 40 per cent emblazoned on hoardings across the City.  And from what they tell Deccan Herald, it was not a disappointing season this Christmas.

Retailers across the spectrum reported a hive of activity with buyers thronging various counters to pick up the ‘best’. Not to be outdone, vying with the biggies in business, road-side vendors too are seen making good business.

Sundeep Kothari, a sales representative said that sales were up at least by 20 per cent this Christmas over last year. From carols to gifts, prayers to feasts, for all that this festival brings to the City, keeping the good old tradition alive, one thing is for sure: It is not free from the modern, globalised custom of commerce.

Governor, CM greet people

Governor H R Bhardwaj and Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa have greeted people on the occasion of Christmas. “May the spirit of joy, peace and love spread across the state,” the Governor said in his message. The Chief Minister said: “Let the festival which signifies the ideals of caring and sharing usher in peace, prosperity, and inspire the diverse sections of society to cohabit peacefully.”

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