'We try to portray raw emotions'


The metal heads in Bangalore got a taste of technical and polyrhythmic brand of progressive metal when TesseracT, the UK-based band, held the audience in a hypnotic trance with their spectacular performance recently. The band members – Dan Tompkins on vocals, Acle Kahney and James Monteith on guitar, Jay Postones on drums and Amos Williams on bass and vocals – were quite excited about their performance in the City.

Talking about the unusual name TesseracT, Acle says, “The name originally came from a crappy film which I was watching and dealt with extra dimensions.”

Amos, giving an elaborative description says, “Music to us has more to it then standard rock or pop. TesseracT is an analog of a four-dimensional object which can’t exist in reality. We can’t experience it as the world we live in has three dimensions, however we can experience its effects.”

On being compared with Swedish metal band Meshuggah, Dan says, “We definitely draw our inspiration from Meshuggah. However, people who heard us in Pune have said that we sound nothing like them. From a technical point of view, there are elements that are similar as we have absorbed sounds and technicalities of their music and applied it to our music. The major difference between Meshuggah and us is the vocals. Meshuggah basically scream, shout and roar. Whereas we try to portray raw emotions. Everybody makes connections through vocals in modern music. We try to make that connection as simple and pure as possible. Our connection with Meshuggah is simply through lineage, music and influence.”

About their experience in India, they say, “It has been incredible and we are really privileged to be playing here. Hospitality is quite phenomenal and we have been looked after to the point of being spoilt.”

TesseracT is releasing its debut album titled One in March 2011.
Giving gyan to youngsters pursuing music, they say, “Music is not easy at all. It involves a great deal of personal sacrifice and we work tirelessly, and endlessly on what we are doing. You have to be committed, focused and original. Don’t try to copy and be happy with what you are doing.”

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