CM makes peace with Governor

CM makes peace with Governor

CM makes peace with Governor

The Chief Minister termed the one-to-one meeting “a courtesy call” and told reporters that he extended an invitation to the Governor to address the Joint House of State Legislature on January 6.

“I have decided to meet the Governor every fortnight to apprise him of the development works in the State. There is no need for attaching any political significance to the meeting,” he said.

Yeddyurappa met the Governor a day after BJP troubleshooter and Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, met Bhardwaj and extended an olive branch to him. Yeddyurappa and Bhardwaj were at loggerheads over the issue of land scam and illegal mining.

Bhardwaj had slammed Yeddyurappa for not providing a true picture of the land scams, in which Yeddyurappa is allegedly involved, and for not taking action against the Reddy brothers for alleged illegal mining. The Governor had written two letters to Yeddyurappa on these issues and was unhappy that the Chief Minister had not replied to them promptly.

Yeddyurappa responded to the letters only after Bhardwaj told the media early this month that he was yet to receive any reply. But Yeddyurappa’s replies did not satisfy Bhardwaj, who told reporters that he would write to the chief minister again.
This prompted an angry outburst from Yeddyurappa, who had been avoiding strong words against Bhardwaj. He stated that he would complain to the President of India over the Governor’s style of functioning and would demand his recall.

One of the reasons why Yeddyurappa decided to bury the hatchet was the coming winter session of the Legislature. The Governor’s address to the Joint House will be keenly watched by people.

There was speculation that Bhardwaj might insist on changes in the speech in view of the growing divide between him and the Government. The chief minister, sources said, does not want to antagonise the Governor ahead of the session.