Rugged & riotous


Cliched, cacophonic and superstar Nagarjuna all the way. That’s Ragada for you. Playing the hero to the hilt, Nagarjuna bulldozes away giving one and all an insufferable migraine.

Searching for the chimera of success at box office that has eluded him in recent times, Nagarjuna sees Ragada tailored to a T and makes the most of the meaty role. However, Veeru Potla’s (story, screenplay, dialogue & direction) putrid potboiler is all kitsch and khichdi served up in overdose and totally indigestible. 

Formulaic with the proverbial twists and turns laced with mysterious intent, Ragada with action aplenty is crass gangsta flick which has Satya (aka Nagarjuna) from Kadapa landing up in Hyderabad in the nick of time to save goon GK from the clutch of others led by Peddanna. Thereafter, the man goes about on his mission elimination, taking money and decimating Peddanna and his cronies.

In due course, he bumps into Sirisha (Anushka) love interest of GK and predictably cupid strikes. However, another damsel in distress Ashta Lakshmi (Priyamani) with family in tow comes to seek Satya's aid. Thus the love triangle is complete.

The rest is better left unsaid of Ragada violent to the core and brimming with mindless meanderings. While aged Nagarjuna with Rayalaseema slang provides no novelty. The pretty presence of Anuskha and Priyamani  fails to pep up proceedings. Ragada is dismal drama dished out in the name of entertainment. This Nagarjuna fare is no nirvana. Look elsewhere, lads.

Ranga The Donga
Telugu (U)
Cast: Srikanth, Vimala Raman, Ramyakrishna, Telangana Sakuntala, Nagendra Babu, Sakshi Shivanand
Dir: Sudhakar Naidu

Trust film-makers to make sensible movies that are easy on entertainment and well worth a visit. Not a chance. You have this week Ranga The Donga on show to prove it.
Ranga has a grouse against men in khaki, specially the corrupt and crooked ones. So the man make a fine art of divesting them of money and medals.

The wily, nifty and nimble-fingered thief also harbours a dream. Fed on action-oriented films, this Donga too dreams of being a film hero some day.

And lo and behold, as destiny would have it, when faction leader Bhavani Prasad is killed on court premises, Ranga, a dead ringer for Bhavani Prasad (none other than Srikanth essaying a twin role) is whisked away by the slain man’s wife.

Well, who is Ranga The Donga really and what ensues there on and how does he take to the new role, is better left for Srikanth fans.

Of course, Vimala Raman, a woman sub-inspector is his love interest in the film.
Devoid of any directorial merit or entertainment value, Ranga, that drives you to ennui, has director Sudhakar Naidu credited with story, screenplay and dialogues as well.
To be sure, Ranga is not your idea of an entertainer to usher in 2011. There are other attractive pastures to pursue that will bring cheer and fun for those seeking it. Well, Srikanth, in dual role, fumbles and stumbles his way through. The rest are props for him to prolong the puerile pastiche.