CIC stumped by woman's RTI complaint

CIC stumped by woman's RTI complaint

But the CIC dismissed the plea of the woman from Nagpur observing that her problem seems to be more medical than lack of information.

The woman  had approached Central Information Commission (CIC) for a direction to the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) to get details of this chip and involvement of the secret service.

The case involved one Renduchintala Rajlaxmi Sharma of Nagpur in Maharashtra who filed an RTI with the CBI alleging that British espionage agencies have implanted a bug inside her and are tracking her movements.

Through the application, she wanted details about this bug and other related information.The CBI took is as a complaint and informed her that no cognizable case was being made out on the basis of facts stated by her.

Sharma then filed a second appeal before the Central Information Commission where Satyananda Mishra found that her problem seems to be medical which has no remedy through the transparency law.

"The appellant (Sharma) submitted that a secret bugging device seemed to have been planted inside her British Espionage agencies and that she is been constantly followed. We cannot make out how CBI should be having any information in this regard and what exact information she wanted from the CBI.

"Her problem seems to be more medical than lack of information. Unfortunately the RTI Act does not have any remedy for a medical problem," Mishra said while dismissing the plea on merit.

Sharma had approached the CBI earlier also where in her RTI application she had sought the agency to collate information from all the major global secret services about the metals, bugs or tracking devices which could be mixed in her food to follow her.
The application was rejected as it did not have any fee attached to it as mandated in the transparency law.

"The CPIO has made the Commission aware of the habit of the complainant for sending vague complaints narrating various incidents which happened are happening under the sky' by enclosing a copy of similar complaints received from her with the comments," the then Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah had observed.