Why fear when exams are here?

Why fear when exams are here?


At ease : Many students don't devote much time for studying during exams.

After facing the pressure of board and entrance exams, when students first enter college, tests are taken extremely seriously by them.

But over time, students get into the grind of things, including bunking classes, photocopying notes and studying a few hours before the exam.

College among other things also teaches students to become more chilled out.

Metrolife talks to a few students to find out what is the reason behind this casual attitude to college exams?

Their semester exams may just be a few days away but that is not the end of the world for students and this attitude is something that the students learn from their own experiences.

“College exams are not like competitive exams which may surprise you. There is a pattern of things that they follow,” says Pratyush, an engineering student.

“Exams become a part and parcel of life, especially in an autonomous college, wherein we not only have the main exams but internals also. Thus the exam fear is not so much,” says Monalisa Patro, a B.Com of St Joseph’s Evening College.

College exams are not always about studying really hard but about studying smart.

 “Apart from the nerds, no one else studies the entire semester. 98 per cent of the students in the college study one month or even one week before the exams and still manage to get above 70 per cent in the exams,” says Divya Dolvaruah, a BBM student of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College.

“After attending classes regularly and studying for one day, I am able to score well. So there isn’t much pressure about exams and therefore, exams become casual after a certain point of time,” says Monalisa.

The system also encourages this approach.

“Students take the college exam casually because these are basically university exams. The seriousness is lost as out of the eight units, one only has to study five units and since exams happen every six months’, students become used to them and know how to tackle them,” says Apoorva R G, a student of BMS College of Engineering.

Placements also play a big role here. “Students take exams casually because in a professional course, everything is done from the placement point of view. And if you get 70 per cent and above, you can get placed easily,” says Apoorva. And the end of the day, it is the end that defines the means.

“Everything is need based and placements require us to have just over 70 per cent. And they don’t just look at the marks but your personality too,” says Divya.

But some students are plain cynical about the system. “After a while, you realise that how much ever you may study, your marks will not increase beyond a certain point. So
it’s pointless to stress yourself,” says Rakshita Basu, a law student.

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