Bidding goodbye to winter!

Bidding goodbye to winter!

Cold: Mist-enveloped view of city. (Right) People sit around fire to beat the cold near Chikkagadiyara. Dh Photos by PRashanth H G

As cold wave tightened its grip across most parts of the State since second week of December, Mysore recorded  lowest temperature in nearly last three decades. Minimum temperature dipped to a record 8.8 degree celsius on Jan 12.

Due to a combination of factors, the minimum temperature dropped 5 - 6 degree celsius below normal in the last one week with minimum mercury levels ranging between 9 - 10 degree celsius in the first half of the week. The record lowest temperature that the city saw on Jan 12, is the lowest in the 27 years of records maintained at the meteorological advisory cell at Organic Farming Research Station of University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, located at Naganahalli outside Mysore. City saw similar cold days and shivering nights way back in 1983. According to Devaraj, Research Associate with the station, Mysore recorded a minimum temperature of below 10 degree on Nov 26, 2007 and in the month of December in the same year.

He attributed the cold wave to above normal rainfall in November. Mysore received 243 mm rainfall against the average of 47 mm during that month.

The rainfall was five times higher. The higher level of humidity coupled with the cool breeze from North contributes to the dipping temperature. Normally, the month of May and October bring highest amount of rainfall in the region, he says.  The station has made an elaborate study on effect of low temperatures on the crops, the sericulture and the poultry, and will release the report soon for the benefit of farmers and poultry owners.

The low temperatures affected the normal life in city in the last 10 days with people shying away with their daily morning activity. The number of walkers and joggers in favourite places like Kukkarahalli and Karanji lake, Boulevard road, Oval grounds dwindled in the last one month. Woolens and jerkins were out in the last few days as biting cold did give some teeth-rattling moments to people in the city.

B Puttanna, Head, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Bangalore told City Herald that Mysore was among the few places in Karnataka where cold wave prevailed in the last few days.  However, the situation improved with the temperature gradually increasing since Thursday. “The minimum temperature is expected to rise after January 15 post-Sankranthi. The coming days will get progressively warmer ,” he says, adding the temperatures in Mysore do not necessarily signify a ‘cold wave’ here.

Winter cut through our bones and finally, it is time to welcome warmer days. But, will Mysore set another record this season for being the ‘hottest’ in decades? Hope not.