'Unplug your melody'

'Unplug your melody'


Having meaning and purpose in life creates a deep, inner state of joy and wellbeing. If you don’t have a purpose, you could feel lost and sad. You could find yourself wandering aimlessly in a wasteland of dreary routine. There are a few people who have been fortunate enough to discover their calling early on, while many depart from this world, their personal melody unplayed. Don’t let this happen to you.

Sing your song; unplug your melody. If you read about great men and women, you will find that they did not search for a specific purpose. They marvelled at life’s myriad mysteries, they questioned the world’s wonders and were inspired to do more. Whatever they did, they did with passion. Passion always unearths  purpose.

The Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, saw his garden as a fairyland of miracles. He wrote passionately and poetry/ writing became his purpose. Years later, he painted passionately, and painting became his purpose.

*Live life with a flourish.
* Allow yourself to be stirred by the vastness of the universe.
* Rid yourself of mundane activities and trivial thoughts that clutter your mind.
* Ignore the sneer of cynicism and the stutter of self-doubt.
* Strip your mind of all negative thoughts.
* Be adventurous and daring.
* Explore the unknown every day.  Take the less-travelled path.

There’s an interesting story about new beginnings. A woman always turned right from her gate to take the bus to office. One day, on impulse, she turned left and discovered a lush, green park that she was unaware of all these years. A departure from routine led her to make a happy discovery. So, get adventurous. You never know what could be around the corner.

*Take the time to observe nature.
* Avoid answering phone calls for a day. Take a new route to work or do things differently for a day. This exercise could renew your faith in your everyday routine.
* Tackle every task sincerely, without fretting that you could be doing something else.
* Spend energy on doing the little things. Do the ordinary as extraordinary assignments. Soon, your true purpose will reveal itself. It will rise from the small tasks that you honour with diligence.
* Shower all your attention on the task at hand and feel the joyous fullness of life awaken in you.

The writers are authors of the book ‘Fitness for Life’ and teachers of the ‘Fitness for Life’ programme.