Tying the knot differently

Tying the knot differently

Deciding Factor

New trend: Today’s youngsters prefer love marriage.

Families have been taking the final call on which two individuals should stay together for a lifetime.

 However, the concept of love marriage or knowing the partner before the wedding is assuming importance.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Metrolife asked youngsters on whether they would go for an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

As assumed, a large majority was against the concept of getting tied down in an arranged marriage.

Youngsters these days feel that a marriage should take place only when the two people involved feel that they are mature enough to handle the responsibility and they have feelings for each other.

Says Sana, a student, “Age has a huge role to play when it comes to marriages. Usually, when it is an arranged marriage, the girl is much younger than the boy. And as the years go by, the two may grow into two different individuals. And there maybe possibilities of them being forced to live together only because the families are involved.”

The freedom to choose the partner and knowing the person before hand is an added advantage.

“Generally in arranged marriages, one gets to know the partner only for a few months before settling down. How much can one know about a person in few months? For me, I need to know a person for a few years before taking such a big decision,” says Robert, a professional.

But that does not mean they will not get the consent of the parents.

When Priyanka, a professional, wanted to settle down with her partner of six years, it was very difficult since they had to get the consent of family.

 “It was very important for me to get the approval of the parents. It would have been silly or immature of us to elope or create a huge ‘filmy’ drama. I wanted to show them that I found someone who really understands me and helps me feel secure. Once they saw that, it has been a happily-ever-after situation,” she adds.

Neha, another student, says that trends have been changing, especially with many families opening up to the concept of love marriages and inter-caste marriages.

“I feel a love marriage is any day secure. It also makes the couple more responsible towards each other since they would have known each other for a long time. Apart from one odd case here and there, I think many families are going for what is termed now as love-cum-arranged marriage. That way it keeps every one happy,” she says.