Law-breakers in MGNREGS warned

Law-breakers in MGNREGS warned

Ombudsman given authority to file FIR against wrong-doers

If the accusation of their having gone against the law is proven true, they will not just be subjected to a department-based action.

They can even get an FIR filed against them at a police station.

Orders from above

Under instruction from the Central Government, the State Government has given the authority to file the FIR against the guilty to the ombudsmen appointed in several districts.
The ombudsmen will file FIR against people who committed irregularities. They have been given the authority under Section 27 of the MGNREGS.

During the hearing of any case under the implementation of the project, if serious instances of illegal activities are discovered and if such cases need to be dealt at a criminal court, the ombudsmen can also request a competent authority to hand over the case for a criminal prosecution.

The Central as well as the  State Governments both hope that the measure would help irregularities as well as complaints of irregularities decrease.

15 days

The ombudsmen also have the responsibility of clearing all complaints within 15 days. The only exceptions are sensitive issues.

Other matters have to be cleared within 45 days.