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Lively: An interactive session. DH PHOTOS by Anand Bakshi

The Dignity Foundation, an organisation with the mandate to improve the quality of life among the senior citizens, organised a film screening at the Indian Institute of World Culture recently. Over a 100 people gathered to view the Kannada Film Hoomale starring ace actor Ramesh Aravind and directed by Nagatihalli Chandrashekar.

The day started promptly at 10 am, right on schedule with some coffee. The gathering made their way into the auditorium and settled down for a relaxed morning. The movie revolves around the themes of widow remarriage, terrorism and the importance of the fast fading, undivided, joint family system.

Aravind, the protagonist of the film, plays the role of a love sick man who goes in search of the woman he’s in love with, a woman spotted by him on a television talk show.  After an exhaustive investigation, he discovers that she is in Guwahati and heads there. Once there he discovers she’s a widowed mother of a young child. The rest of the movie revolves around how he convinces her of the fact that it’s quite alright to fall in love again and wins her heart.

The seniors who had gathered to watch the movie seemed enthusiastic. The over all opinion was positive. The spirit of the group didn’t seem dampened even though the guests of honour Aravind and Chandrashekar were not  present.

A lively discussion followed the screening. Many subjects were discussed. One of the members present was concerned about the lack of viewership for Kannada movies. He gave a list of 25 suggestions to improve the same. He requested the organisers to pass it on to Aravind and Chandrashekar. Some were bothered by the lack of ‘clean’ content in today’s cinema. Others voiced their support of the joint family system and widow remarriage. Other’s advocated the need for better treatment of the elderly.

Over all, the morning’s screening seemed successful, by most counts.  

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