Grooving to hot favourites

Grooving to hot favourites

Different Tone

ENTERTAINING Marine Futin and Pierrick Rossi. DH photo

Alliance Francaise organised the Froggie Frenchy Concert recently with the intention of providing Bangaloreans a glimpse of the contemporary art scene in France.

 It was an evening of jazz, reggae and pop with Marine Futin, the brilliant French vocalist winning hearts instantly with her unique husky voice. She was accompanied by the French pop star Anatole, whose appearance created a huge cry of excitement among the audience, and the quiet Pierrick Rossi, who set the stage on fire with his saxophone.

The concert began with a solo performance by Marine who was later joined by Rossi on the saxophone.

One of her popular tracks was Alphabet going with the lovey-dovey theme of Valentine’s Day.

It was followed a sad melancholic number Je Le Veux (I want him) which spoke of how people are dissatisfied in a relationship as they never seem to find the perfect match.

 On a philosophical note, it spoke of the fact that how we are always looking for something that doesn’t exist. 

Most of her songs were intense, dealing with personal retrospection.
Her song La Trouille (to be scared of) dealt with confidence issues one faced while growing up.

She ended with the funny song La Fesse mainly dealing with the ‘hind side’ people have animated discussions about.

The second half of the concert and the most awaited had Anatole and Rossi, who got the audience grooving to their peppy numbers.

Anatole started of with Cherry Tree followed by the dynamic and angry The Upset Man. The hot favourite, however was Dangerous World.

Talking about a revolution, it motivated the crowd to do something about what is wrong with the world.

They also entertained the crowd with jokes in between the music. it was just sheer
delight to listen to them speak in English.

Anatole in particular, was a big hit with the women in the audience as he churned out one sappy romantic number after the other.

The last song of the concert Mama was a tribute to his mother.

Due to the repeated pleas of the audience, Anatole came back to perform a medley that left the crowds craving for more.

Abhishek Shroff, a member of the audience, said, “Anatole is so good looking and their music is so full of life that even If they just kept uttering the same word, people would go crazy! They are very different and nice and I sure did have a lot of fun!”