Gentle art of self-defence

Gentle art of self-defence


Aiki Jujitsu, a classical martial art form from Japan, practised by the Samurai warriors is now being taught in the City. The Bangalore chapter is a part of Kaze Arashi Ryu (Wind and Storm combat) and is the only authorised centre of Aiki Jujutsu in India.

Ai is (harmony), Ki (internal energy) and Ju (yielding) and jutsu (force to force). Aiki Jujutsu can thus be described as the subtle art of yielding and harmony. This feudal art involves complete set of unarmed combat martial skills like joint locks, throws, nerve centre attacks.
It was often a family art, refined over centuries of combat. Various aiki jujutsu systems were very sophisticated in their understanding of their human body and mind and effective in exploiting those weaknesses. Both judo and aikido were born from Aiki Jujutsu.

The beauty and uniqueness of this art is that it teaches true self-defence which cannot be learnt until certain physical, psychological and spiritual principles have been understood and internalised. Due to the unique nature of aiki jujutsu, it is possible to experience deeper levels of relaxation, calmness, concentration, will power and physical fitness in daily living.

Students are taught to channel their energies in an optimal way, and one of the benefits of this is the ability to defend yourself, apart from a greater self awareness.

Anyone can learn this martial art classes have been conducted for the police force, a group of visually challenged people, and men and women of varying ages and fitness levels.

This martial art was introduced in the early nineties by US-based Srinivas Sastri, who hails from Malleswaram. Sastri, who was in India recently said, “In the past each Samurai clan had its own fighting techniques and the art was passed from father to son. There was no documentation.” Sastri learnt the art from an American, who in turn learnt it from a traditional practitioner, when he was in Japan.

After practising and teaching the art for two decades in the US, Sastri taught this art in Bangalore to Ramesh Rao Jodige, who was already proficient in various forms of martial arts.
Michael Patrao

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