Narnia producer found dead

Narnia producer found dead

The producer was found unconscious by his partner Hunter Hill in the bathroom of their posh Soho apartment after overdose of painkiller OxyContin, the New York Daily News reported quoting sources as saying.

"We're in shock," Moore's father, Bill said, adding that his son was in a great mood when he spoke to him the other night.

Moore had reportedly been suffering from knee and back problems for quite some time.

Though there is speculation of the producer committing suicide, an official cause of death will be determined after the autopsy.

Apart from producing the three Narnia films, Moore also wrote the much acclaimed novel 'Hero', which was about a world's first gay teen superhero.

He had also served as an intern for President Bill Clinton at White House and Metro Goldwyn Studios in New York.

He and partner Hill wrote and directed 'Lake City,' a 2008 drama starring Sissy Spacek and Rebecca Romijn.