Campco to procure rubber from 3 more centres

Campco to procure rubber from 3 more centres

Campco has purchased rubber worth ` 5 crore since June 2010

Speaking to Deccan Herald, CAMPCO President Konkodi Padmanabha said the co-operative has already started the process to procure rubber from Perla in Kasargod and Bellare in Karnataka. The procurement at Adoor in Kasargod will be started from February 24. The co-operative had already started rubber procurement from Kadaba, Nintikallu, Alankar and Uppinangady in Karnataka, Parappa and Mulleria in Kasargod district of Kerala in the month of October. Campco, which deals with the procurement of arecanut and cocoa and its marketing, ventured into rubber procurement at Bandadka in Kerala in June, 2010.


He said the Campco will start procuring rubber from those Campco centres where rubber is grown in large scale with immediate effect. The rise in price of rubber is also compelling us to start more procuring centres, he added.

“Most of the arecanut growers in Karnataka and Kerala have taken up rubber cultivation to boost their farm income. Campco, which deals with commodities such as arecanut and cocoa, has infrastructure for purchasing rubber. The same infrastructure can be used for the rubber business also. The move to include rubber in Campco’s business will help the grower-members to sell their produce through campco,” he said and added that Campco is also encouraging the areca growers to grow rubber.

The Campco has purchased rubber worth Rs 5 crore since June 2010, he added.

All time high

In the meantime, the rubber price has increased to Rs 240 per kg for Ribbed smoked sheets (RSS) grade IV and Rs 231 per kg for RSS grade V. In fact, with this, the rubber price has reached all time high in the country. The price of graded rubber in January, 2011 was Rs 212  per kg and ungraded was Rs 200 per kg. In the first week of financial year (April, 2010), the price of rubber was Rs 156 a kg. In February, 2010, it was Rs 137 for grade IV and Rs 134 for grade V.

Konkody said the increase in the consumption of rubber has pushed up the price. In addition, speculation in the future commodity market and increasing demand for natural rubber has contributed to the rise in the price, he added.

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