All work and no play...

All work and no play...

Managing Time

busy Very few people are able to balance work and hobbies judiciously.

Competitive work environments leave little time for people to pursue their hobbies.In times when finding time for a spouse, friends or a child requires immense effort, most people have no interest or the patience to pursue a hobby.

Work places expect immense commitment that people are forced to carry work home.
Most people say work timings are a farce and that they put in more then the stipulated number of hours without any remuneration.

In our fast-paced lives which revolves only around completing deadlines, are we forgetting how to live life? Metrolife asked people in the City if finding time for what they love doing was a big challenge.

Chandana Chandrashekara, a professional says, “Work takes up a lot of time and mentally drains you out leaving little enthusiasm to pursue anything else.”

“It also makes you lethargic and when you are working five days a week for more then nine hours a day and have long distances to commute, finding time for a hobby is just not possible,” Chandana says.

“In my case, family and friends are always complaining that I don't find time for them. So I spend the weekends with them. Dance and music are my biggest passion but since the time I have started working I have found no time for them,” she says.

However Gopi Krishna, an IT professional begs to differ and believes that it is up to each person to pursue a hobby or not.

“I always wanted to learn guitar. Now I go to guitar classes regularly during the weekends. Pursuing a hobby is a great stress-buster and takes your mind off work. I am also into aero-modelling and my friends and I take our airplanes and fly them at Jakkur,” he says.

“We also play TT regularly during breaks at work and at home. Managing time is easy and weekends leave you with ample time to do what you like,” he added.

Gopi is not the only one who believes in balancing one’s hobbies and work. Sanjay Sharma, a doctor, says, “I ensure that I don’t mix my work and hobbies. I don't bring work to my hobby, or take my hobby to work. I plan well ahead and have always managed to find time.”

“My hobbies are mainly three Ts: Travel, Trekking and Theatre. To just take off on a weekend and drive to some unknown place with no specific agenda is loads of fun,” he says.

Sanjay Sharma has close to 10 theatre productions to his credit.