The Risk Taker

The Risk Taker

Risk anything
Care no more for the opinion
of others or those voices!
Do the hardest thing in the world
Act for yourself
Face the truth.


My Guardian Angels

Mother and Father,
I love you so much.
You are the kindest angels,
My life, come to touch.

Your advice is like medicine,
I can never forget,
For it takes away my illness,
Of doing something I’d regret.

Your love is so sweet,
So nice and so tender,
That it makes me wonder.

Mother and Father,
I love you so much,
You are the kindest angels,
My life, come to touch.

Yukti Bafna
IV Std, CBSE  
D K Public School

My Mother

She took my thoughts high
She taught me to fly
She is there whenever I cry
She taught me never to lie.

Her wonderful eyes
Were so wise
Her broad smile
Could be seen from a mile.

She wiped all my tears
She fished out all my fears.

She cannot be taken away from me ever
I will take care of her
She is the most clever
Nobody can take her from me. Never!

Ajay V Hande,
Prarthana School


The first streak of sunlight,
Is always so bright.
The wonderful view of the sun,
Its sight, the many hearts it has won.
The sun’s friends, a white cloud,
And the birds chirping so loud.
The sun gives us heat and light,
And its vitamin D fills us with might,
Don’t you think the sun is useful?
Its sight is surely wonderful and beautiful.

K S Kshama
Poorna Prajna Education Centre

Have you heard the other you?

Have you heard the other you
Which tries to caution you
When you try something new
So that you need not cry ‘mew’
Stops you from embarking on the wrong trek
So you don’t have to say ‘what the heck!’
It puts you on the right course
Devoid of all cries, hoarse

Then, strengthens you with courage
Helps you tackle any bane
Without much strain

Then dawns the joy of conscientiousness
To achieve every success
It’s this one who’ll befriend
You, forever and ever till the end

So before you venture out new
Ask yourself, ‘Have you heard the other you?’

Naksha S

A concept I don’t know

Curse words are flung into the air
The mean girl throws me a murderous glare
All my ‘best friend’ does is stand and stare
She won’t support me, it’s unfair.
For when the world crashed on her shoulders
With great difficulty, I threw away the boulders
I managed to pick her up and hold her
When I saw her just staring, I’d never felt colder.

Later came the explanations, but they were pointless
She was gone, the person I thought was flawless
She had let the world crush me, it was merciless
No more was she my best friend, I felt helpless.
I trusted her and tried to always be there
Now I see that she never really did care
I had tried it again, stepped in the tiger’s lair
Loved someone like a sister, let my heart tear.
Best friends. It’s a concept I don’t know.

Malini Srikrishna