Lords on pencil tip

Lords on pencil tip

working on pencil tip to create Lord Ganesha. DH photos/Hemanath Padubidri

Many might raise their eyebrows thinking what sort of art can be created out of this tiny object. Absolutely amazing that this minute piece of lead has been shaped and carved to incarnate Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna.

Artist Sanjay Dayanand is the creator of Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna in this minuscule object. He does it without using lenses. He demonstrated his artistic skill in recently held programme at Paryaya Shiroor mutt. Sanjay was always eager towards unraveling mysterious world of art. He was associated with art right from his childhood as his family would offer poojas to clay idol of Lord Ganesha during Ganesha Chathurthi. Gradually, he developed interest in the clay craft and he himself was able to carve clay idol of Lord Ganesha for the festival at his home.

“Interest in art came naturally to me. I was delighted with the clay idol of Lord Ganesha and I just wanted to try out with clay art. This was the beginning and I slowly took up painting. Consequently, I took up painting and drawing as my hobby,” says Sanjay, speaking to City Herald.

He started his experimentation with art with chalk pieces. He would carve Taj Mahal and Lord Ganesha in 2 to 3 cm chalk pieces. Later, he took up rice grain as his challenge and was successful in carving Lord Ganesha in rice grain. His talent was acclaimed in the competition that was held at Vododara, Gujarat way back in September 2010. Now it is the turn of pencil lead to get shaped into Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna. He takes 10 minutes to carve Ganesha and 12 minutes to sculpt Krishna.  He uses HB pencil lead for Ganesha and 5B lead to carve Krishna. He is currently pursuing his studies in animation and wants to take up career exclusively committed to art related activities. His passion for art runs in every vein of his blood as he wishes to breathe art in all possible way taking it as profession as well as hobby.